Just for fun :)


So the time has come... The development of the first Mammuth come to an end. We'd like to thanks for everyone who's watched videos, readed posts, wrote comments!
New infos and videos about this car never come anymore, but stay tuned for the second car!

Here is the compilation video:


A great surprise received this morning. The site choosed our picture in the picture of the week section. Thanks a lot!



This day was the best day in our common life. Today we were on the big tarmac track to test the new front suspension geometry and the adjusted carb.
It was a short run, but this was the best in the past more than a year!
The engine has reached more RPM then ever, the new geometry allows a little powerslide and then a full throttle acceleration out... I think today the car reached the 60-70 km per hour... It was AWESOME (and scary :))!
But the front left suspension arm was weak and it has broken... Not a big problem, we will fix it (and strengthen) and we will make a longer run!

Picture gallery: Heaven & Hell


Here are some pictures about todays ride. We were on the big tarmac field, to a little run :)

More images here: First run in 2011