At least! In november the time has come to start welding the frame of the car. Every update will be documented in this blog!


I've planned to write this post for a long time, but I don't have enough free time, until now. This post is just a dream, about the custom control of the Mammuth, I'm not so sophisticated in electronics. I try to write detailed information about every part of it.
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Today the servos are arrived from Hong-Kong. The packaging is really good, all the four servos are arrived with the extra parts (scews, horns, etc.). As I wrote before, the power of servo is 25Kg@6V, and costs $15 each. Next time I disassemble one to check out the quality of the electronics, bearings, etc.



Well, the moment comes, whereof I'm waiting for a long time. I can hold the first parts of the car in my hand. The spring is too silky, we must replace it in the future, I've planned more springs for the car, with different power. The pre-tension of the spring is adjustable.

Gallery: Shock absorber


Today I've got the last version about the plans. The engine modelled and fitted into the car's frame, the rear shock-absorvers also fitted. I attached some images about the shock-absorvers and the model. Here you can see our problems with the stock exhaust, we need to change it.

Images and now two downloadable 3D model::
1. Rear shock-absorver LINK
2. Complete car LINK