These blog is the english version of the Project Mammuth. Sorry for my english, I'm from Hungary, and I don't speak english well.

What is Project Mammuth?
The Mammuth will be a custom built (homemade), radio controlled, "trophy truck" style car. It is based on a Pocket Quad. 50cc 2 stroke engine, 4 off-road wheels, custom suspension and electronics, custom welded frame, big suspension travel. These are the main capabilities of my dream car...

That's a good question... I like big (1/5-1/6 scale) R/C cars, but these cars are too expensive for me. The base parts of the Mammuth much cheaper, because it's not special R/C parts, I can buy it in a hardware store for "pennies" , and the main reason is, the building. This is my adult LEGO

When it will be done?
I don't know... It's depend on the money, free time. You can follow the progress on this blog, here you can find images, infos and videos.