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In this weekend we'ce taken out the car to the local tarmac track... Everythings went good, then a big accident happened. I went too fast for a jump and the car landed on his roof, but nothing broken, the car is ok.
Unfortunately on tarmac we've little grip, it was very funy to control the car :) Enjoy!


Dust run

Fist of all, the new Hitec 805BB servo is a crap... It's doesn't have a fix neutral point, it's so stroppy and by the way it doesn't produce the 25kg @ 6V I don't know why.
So it was a really short test, because I can't adjust the throttle/brake smoothly, the car often runned off the track.

The main modifications was: I've cutted off the exhaust, now it's just a tube, with a great sound and sooo much power in the engine :)
The carb also needed some modifications, because the engine had too much fuel, now it's better, but in the low rpm it's getting a little bit much fuel.




So, here are the photos about the speed test event, and the video:

Photo gallery: Speed test




So at the weekend we've tested the top speed of the car. We put my PDA (with GPS) into the car, and made a few laps on a big tarmac field.
Here is the result:

As you can see, the max. speed of the car was 48 km/h. It's more then enough and this result made with a "sick" engine. I think, the exhaust not the best, we heard that the engine doesn't reached the max. RPM, so the 48 km/h really nice, and scary :)

Then we made some little jumps and unfortunately the front ball and socket joint (made from plastic) was broken... We need a new one from metal.

The biggest problem is, that at the end of the run, my throttle/brake servo has give up the war with the forces, the electronic circuit has died...