On sunday

I've got only a little time on sunday, because of my Tomahawk (another R/C car - factory built)... I've just finished the rear of the car (clutch, shocks - works well now, chain), in this weekend I will finish the front of the car, it will be very difficult, I need to made it stronger...


Good news

I've got good news for you! All of the damaged parts have been repaired, sunday I will assembly the car... Next week maybe we can go out to do some tests...



Hello to everyone! Well, the car is still in the service area :) We need to fix the front right suspension, the clutch will have stronger springs, the rear shocks will have new simmerings and piston. I hope that these modifications will be done in one week, then we go to our local motocross track to test again...
Stay tuned!


So we did the second test with car, which is much better than last week. We've a new exhaust, new pull-start (aluminium with better engine cooling) and repaired carburetor. It's go fast, but very difficult to keep in straight. We need to adjust on the clutch is it's possible, it starts working too early (on low RPM).
In the middle of the test we've got a big crash, the car is ok, we could continue the test, but the front wheels got big hit. Some of the parts bent a little :)

Here is the video:


So, here is the video about the long test with music: