Today, we have only a little free time, so we checked out, how the springs works. Awesome... Maybe they can be a little silky, but for testing they are good enough!
We have only a little shock-oil, so we filled one. We need to do little modifications onto the shocks, we must replace our O rings to simmerings.
I bring a little fuel with me, so we try to start the engine. It was the hardest part of the building The old fuel tank doesn't fitted to the tube, the carburetor has a leak, so the fuel started to drip
The spark plug is ok, so we put a little fuel into the cylinder through the spark plugs hole... BANG! Clashing, smoke, stink... The exhaust is not fitted finally, but it has a gorgeous sound!

In the pictures you will also find the final fuel tank and our custom servo-saver without spring.

Gallery: Fuel tank, Servo-saver and spring test


Video 5.

We have a only a little free time today, so we put the springs onto the shocks and see how they works. Awesome! They are strong enough. We don't need another spring-set.... yet. :) We also tested one shock with oil, we need to work on it... At the end of the video, there's a little (tiny) surprise, so turn on your speakers!

At least, I've got all of the electronic components. Let's see:
Radio: Futaba 2PL 2.4Ghz + receiver
Servos: two Hitec HS5805MG Digital Mega Scale
Batteries: two 1800mAh 6 cell, modified to 5-5 cell with a voltage control
Battery charger

In the pictures you will find the new springs too!

Gallery: Radio system and springs



I've got them! I ordered them from a spring-factory, the price was not too much. In this week we're put the springs into the car and see how they works... Pictures and video soon!


Video 4.

The engine is fitted into to the car's frame, we've shortened the chain to it's correct size, modified the exhaust. The car now also have a front bumper. The rear brake is nearly done, we need a new console for it...